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hummable, upbeat, melodic, & thick with analog warmth

[ha ha]

andrew l.
16 September
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say the spell three times, crank up the special effects.


doot doot doot.



rocky mountain flora.

children's haiku garden.
(smog), adrian tomine, allen ginsberg, amélie, anne frank, aphex twin, autumn, baking soda, banana yoshimoto, basil, beat happening, berries, blankets, boards of canada, bonnie 'prince' billy, braces, brahms, british columbia, carl sandburg, cat and girl, cats, cfbu, change, charlemagne, chocolate, colours, conan o'brien, cooking, cordouroy, corduroy, craig thompson, cub, daniel johnston, dear nora, degrassi, destroyer, dictionaries, dim sum, dinh dinh asian foods, dirty three, do make say think, down here, dr. seuss, drawing, dreams, dvorak, e.e. cummings, emily dickinson, equations, f. murray abraham, flax, french, frosted glass, frosting, futurama, galaxie 500, gardens, garlic, gideon, goodwill, group of seven, haruki murakami, hayao miyazaki, hummus, j.d. salinger, j.s. bach, john coltrane, julie doiron, k, kid koala, kumon, labyrinth, last plane to jakarta, lifter puller, mark rothko, miles davis, mirah, morrissey, my guitar, naps, neutral milk hotel, o'doyle rules, olivia tremor control, physics, pillows, public enemy, rabbits, rain, rebecca pearcy, rice paper, robots, rocketships, salvador dali, short stories, sleep, snow, snowstorms, solvent, sonic youth, soulseek, spirited away, stars, strawberries, studio ghibli, t.s. eliot, tao te ching, tea, the graduate, the hold steady, the mountain goats, the pixies, the princess bride, the velvet underground, the weakerthans, thunderstorms, tofu, tofutti cuties, tokyo, trees, value village, van gogh, veganism, walking, water, well-kept bathrooms, will oldham, willow, winter, won ton soup, woody allen, yann tiersen, yo la tengo